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Let's clarify a few things

What is a medical herbalist?

A Medical Herbalist is somebody who is trained and qualified in plant medicine, the human body, diseases and clinical skills. They take a holistic approach in supporting people with health conditions, taking into consideration all aspects of the person's health, not limiting to the person's main concern. Through a full medical history, recognising signs through diagnostic procedures such as physical examinations, tests and referrals, they are able to come to a diagnosis of your concerns. They are trained in preparing herbal prescriptions and providing nutritional advice. They work closely with their clients throughout the process and alter the prescriptions according to what suits the person.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine includes any preparation from plants such as tea blends, tinctures and external preparations. 

Herbal Medicine takes a gentle approach in helping the body regain balance, which takes time and commitment. Many people notice a change or reduction in symptoms within the first month of taking herbal medicine. A complete recovery depends on the length of time a person has been dealing with a condition, for example, it may take a few months of treatment for a person suffering from a chronic skin condition to see an improvement or change in their skin.

the initial consultation

The initial consultation is a chance to really get to know you, to allow you to provide as much information as you are able to share, regarding your main concerns and your general health. The more information, the better!

A full medical history will be taken to gain a better understanding of your overall health and anything to be aware of when approaching treatment. The aim of the initial and follow up consultations is to explore the root cause of your symptoms and to support and restore the body. A physical examination may be required if necessary or referrals may be suggested to help with a diagnosis. Due to current restrictions, all consultations will take place online or via phone until further notice.


After the consultation, Zoe will prepare a suitable herbal prescription along with a management plan, including lifestyle and nutritional advice.


It is important to work closely together for the first few weeks of treatment. In between the initial consultation and your follow-up appointment, Zoe will check in with you to ensure that you are comfortable with your herbal prescription and that it is working for you.

After a few weeks of taking your herbal medicine and implementing your management plan, we will discuss your progress and adjust treatment plans accordingly i.e. alter the herbal blend. It is suggested to have a follow up consultation every 4-6 weeks until we are sure that your herbal prescription suits you and we begin to see improvements in managing the symptoms or condition.


Zoe offers a free 20 minute phone call conversation to answer any of your questions and to help you decide whether Herbal Medicine is something for you. Just fill out a contact form and we will arrange a time for a chat.

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