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Meet Zoe

Zoe is a qualified Medical Herbalist, graduating with First Class Honours from the University of Westminster. She has a passion for creating herbal blends and believes in reconnecting children and adults to traditional herbal practices through herbal education, natural products and health support.

Her journey started from a young age as a fussy child, refusing to take medicine because they tasted "funny". As a teenager, this led her to become fascinated with learning and creating natural remedies and beauty products. It was on a year long placement in India that she discovered the wonders of Herbal Medicine through Ayurveda, an ancient holistic medical system. The realisation that the plants around us have so many medicinal benefits fascinated her and she wanted to study Herbal Medicine! 

Throughout her time at university, she continued to experiment and create products using the herbal knowledge she was learning throughout her studies. Her dream was to start her own business one day creating and selling her products, whilst running her private herbal medicine practice. She decided to kick start that dream in 2018 and founded her company, Naturally Untamed where she began to sell her handmade cosmetic products until she completed her degree. Her products reached over 10 countries in just 2 years.

Zoe started her Herbal Medicine practice in 2020. She is a member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

She has a passion for educating others and facilitates herbal workshops specialising in topical medicine, natural skincare and seasonal immunity. She launched a Junior Herbalist Club in East London in 2022, teaching children about medicinal plants and how to make herbal remedies for first aid and minor ailments. In 2023 she launched Lotions & Potions Events curating bespoke herbal workshops nationwide, party packages and after school clubs in local primary schools in London.

Zoe's mission is to reconnect children and adults to the traditional practice of herbal medicine making, utilising common and local plants.

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