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We believe that introducing young minds to the healing benefits of plants in a fun and creative way is essential. That's why we offer after-school clubs where kids can learn how to make their own products and gain knowledge about plants. Our expert instructors use a hands-on approach to teach children about the natural world, and every week they will take home a new product they have made themselves. This is a great way to inspire young minds and help them to develop valuable skills that will stay with them for life. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to inspire your students, get in touch today and let us help you bring the magic of Lotions N Potions into your classroom.



We offer a unique selection of one-off herbal school workshops throughout the year, designed to promote alternative ways of taking care of oneself. Our workshops are themed around specific topics, including seasonal remedies and emotional wellbeing and using ingredients and plants found in our local surroundings. We are dedicated to providing students with the tools and knowledge necessary to look after their own health and wellbeing. Our experienced team ensures that each workshop is both fun and informative, with activities that will provide lifelong skills.



We've all been there, in secondary school, encouraged to think about our next steps. What do I want to do once I leave school? What is the career path for me? You're trying to decide between the typical career paths. A Medical Herbalist doesn't necessarily come to mind, does it? What is a Medical Herbalist? Or maybe the idea of starting a business may sound appealing, but you have no idea where or how to begin.​Spend a day with a young business owner who built a herbal cosmetic business from scratch...​As a young entrepreneur, our Founder Zoe was clueless when starting her business career. She had a vision, lots of ideas but no business experience. She has been on a journey of building a business from scratch, which she started at university whilst studying to become a Medical Herbalist. From the step-by-step process of launching a business, to laws and regulations of retailing herbal and cosmetic products, Zoe has immense knowledge of her field of business. She was once a teenager, having to decide what her next stop was and decided to choose an unconventional route. Now Zoe believes in sharing her experience with young people, to give them inspiration of an alternative career path that will not only benefit themselves, but others too. She provides Herbal and Cosmetic business workshops where she shares how she became a Medical Herbalist, Product Formulator and Director of Naturally Untamed Ltd, along with guidance on how to start your own cosmetic or herbal business.


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